Why Does Astrology Matter To You?

Simply put (& reciting one of my favorite quotes), "Astrology is a language & if you understand this language the sky will speak to you."  

Astrology gives us insight into our personal strengths, weaknesses, purpose, passion, relationships and more. Being that the planets are always moving, the sky is always relaying a message regarding the transit of life we are currently cycling thru.  The Universe has a plan that includes each of our needs, wants & gifts all we must do is tap into the more Cosmic aspect of life...all we have to do is look up!

Additionally, Astrology helps us understand other people as well. I find it to be most helpful  when dealing with our partners, family members and children but there are planets that collect the collective as a whole and it is also important that we have awareness to this energy also. 



Check Out This Video On Planets & Days of The Week

Hi Everyone. I am Wanica, aka Ms Astrology. I was lovingly given that name by friends who teased me for always chatting about the sky.  I first learned we are more than just our Sun Sign in 2012, since then I have used Astrology as a way to enlighten, guide and heal not only myself but also of hundreds of my clients. I believe in & work with all sorts of healing modalities including Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Candles, Sound Healing & (of course) Intuition. 

My goal thru 2021 is to learn all the Cosmic ways to live the life of my dreams while I teach others the techniques to do the same. Be looking for regular articles, videos, webinars & live streams all of which will be 

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